WebWork Guide

WebWork Guide


Every number deserves a unit. Every time you write or enter a number you should think about the unit of the number. There are some cases (radians, cycles, etc.) where we consider the numbers unitless but you should still think about those cases.

WebWork will require you to enter units for most answers. The units I use in this class are summarized here.

Unit   Symbol   WebWork
degrees ° deg
radians rad
Amperes A A
Volts V V
Ohms Ω ohm
Hertz Hz Hz
seconds s s
minutes min min
Coulombs C C
Farad F F
Joules J J
Watts W W

Exponential Notation

Unfortunately WebWork does not accept all SI prefixes. Therefore, all numbers should be entered using exponential notation. A table below has a number of examples.

Value       WebWork
45° 45 deg
1.25mA 1.25E-3A
5kJ 5E3 J
1.1pF 1.1E-12F


Description WebWork
Add +
Subtract -
Multiply *
Divide /
Natural Exponential exp()
Sine sin()
Cosine cos()


Value   WebWork Entry
6cos(1500t-45°)   6*cos(1500*t-(pi/4))
12cos(700t+50°)   12*cos(700*t+50*(pi/180))



Singularity Functions